Specialist in Australian and English Family History Research

Family History research can be a rewarding and yet hard, expensive and tiring pastime. I know! I have been studying my own family history for seven years now, and in my own family history and while helping my family and friends I have had my own tear jerking and hair pulling moments. It is exciting, an adventure story, and when you finally put together the story of your ancestor it can be one of the most fulfilling things you have ever done.

Perhaps however you don't have the time for your family history research? or the knowledge? I can help you! After much thought I have decided to offer my family history research skills for those who need it. My promise is to give you the best service possible at a price that will not break the bank. I am offering a basic service. If you want certificates with your research then just contact me and I can offer an alternative price.

If you wish to get research done, please email me to organise payment and to provide me with the details you want researched. This should include the family name you want researched and your grandparents names with an estimated birth and death date for them.
I have set up a place where you can purchase using paypal, but will also accept cheque or bank transfer.

Am looking forward to exploring your family with you and if you have any questions about my service, don't hesitate to ask.



I have started a blog. This blog has alot of information about my family history journey as well as other fun family history stuff. Come check it out at  http://growingyourfamilyhistory.blogspot.com/